The drums and drum lessons should be called Drumset lessons as it is a 'set of drums'.


First off, the drum set is not a single instrument but a collection of instruments. If you have ever seen a marching band or a classical orchestra you can't help but notice the percussion section. In these sections you see the bass drum, snare drum, cymbals and other percussion goodies played one at a time. The drum set is just a collection of some of these percussion instruments like bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, tom toms, cowbells and some other cool things played  at the same time by one musician. The modern drumset looks like this and should be set up in a similar fashion.

A little history of the drums and the drum set
 Not that long ago drums were used to single actions on the battle field. The expression to 'beat it' is short for 'to beat a hasty retreat'.
The bass drum is not a 'kick drum' I do not know where that name comes from but we hate it! You play the bass drum you don't kick it.
The hi-hat cymbals are a version of those cymbals you see percussionists beat together. Originally they were on a short stand and only played with the left foot. It was made higher to accomodate playing it with sticks and picked up the name 'hi-hat'.
Other things you can have in your drum set are; cowbell, tambourine, timbales, djembe, bongos and congos.
The drum set can be used in any kind of music except the aforementioned classical and marching music.
The drums have the honour being the most fun musiclal instrument to play.
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