Voice Practice

All musical instruments require music lessons and regular practice to maintain ability and to improve. But there are a few instruments that require
special preparation to do and one of those is singing.

Singing can be loud and so one cannot always just go off to another room to do it. As well there might be some shyness issues and although the point of
singing lessons might be to become good enough to sing in front of people maybe you don't want people hearing you get there.

Singing in the shower is an old joke but modern singing practice usually involves playing piano or prerecorded backing tracks to help with increasing
range or developing repertoire.

One solution is to wait till no one is around. That works in a house but maybe not in an apartment or condo. Another solution is to sing when you are
alone in the car. You have the advantage of having a sound system to play any accompaniment.

If you donít have a car chances are you are young and still at home and although you might feel shy there is nothing a parent loves more than hearing
their child practice.