Semi-Private Guitar Classes Now Available at

Winnipeg's River Heights School of Music!

Call 204-487-3664 for more information about classes

We have found that private lessons are best way to learn a musical instrument but sometimes it can be more fun, cost effective or practical to learn music with another person. 

Semi private guitar lessons are just that, one music teacher and 2 students.   

Perfect for 2 friends or a parent and child that want to start lessons together. 

There are many advantages to taking semi private guitar classes

1. the cost per student is less

2. you have someone to work with 

3. not doing it alone.

4. A great gateway to private lessons

Who should take our semi private lessons?

Family members and good friends. We do not match up people so you will need have your guitar buddy lined up before registering.

Some notes:

1. because it is a class there are no make up lessons EXCEPT for teacher absence

2. The Class will move at the pace of the slower student

3. At anytime the class can be split into 2 private lessons.

4. If of the students withdraws then the class will be converted to a private half hour  or a private 45minute.

Like all our guitar classes the students learn: how to read music, play chords, and learn songs.


The cost is $16.50 per Student for weekly ½ hour classes.


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River Heights School of Music
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