Many people start music lessons with the goal of playing rock music. Rock music encompasses many sub styles of music like metal, hard rock, rock and roll, punk rock, grunge rock, garage rock, alternative rock, etc.

Luckily these different sub genres all have similar basics.

To play rock on the guitar you need to know all your open position chords as well as all the barre chords based off of the 5th and 6th strings (all 17 keys and the forms of Major, Minor and 7).

As well you need to know you 5 positions or shapes of the pentatonic and Blues scale(s) in all 17 keys. A background in blues is also an asset as so much of rock music is based heavily in the blues.

To play rock on the electric bass you need to know the arpeggios for major minor and 7 with the roots on the 4th and 3rd string

To play rock drums you need to have a good repertoire of eighth not based patterns and sixteenth note fill.

To play rock based music on the piano or key board you can use you reading skills a bit but you really need to know how to play chords based on chord charts or being told the chords. The chords you need to know are the same as the guitar players and you might want to know the same scales as they do as well.

If you want to play rock on a strictly melodic instrument like saxophone you do need to have a similar scale and application knowledge.

All of our teachers are qualified and capable to take you from knowing nothing to play the music you love.

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