There are many kinds of music recitals. More importantly there are some types of recitals we will never have.

We will never have the year-end recital posing as a high pressure, adjudicated, all day music festival that is really a big money maker for the owners and NOT a show case for the students. With downward pressure on the teachers to put students in the recital to retain their †jobs, pressure on the students because of the adjudicating and pressure on the families to pay one more fee.

We will also never have the rock music favouring Ďrecitalí in a bar or pool hall. We just donít think it is appropriate to have our under age students performing with beer advertising all around.

We also won't combine our student recital with a teacher recital. The Year end rectital is SUPPOSED to be about the students.

†Here is how our recital †is different.

  • Low Pressure. No one is forced to be in it †and they can withdraw from it at †anytime.
  • Low Pressure. They perform music they are familiar with and NOT some over their level show piece
  • Low Pressure. They donít have to memorize their music.
  • Low Pressure and All Ages. We have them from 5 to 65
  • We hold it in a local and public facility that has a nice piano†
  • no limit of attendees. All are welcome
  • While we donít charge admission we do collect for charity. We are†collecting for the African Childrenís Choir.†
  • Because it is not a piano recital all our attendees comment on how entertaining our recital is. With voice, piano, guitar, drum set, brass, strings, bass, etc. it is an entertaining way to spend your time
  • Itís not long. We have many students so we split it into 2 recitals.

Below are some pictures from previous recitals.

†2016 Recital


2015 Recital


2014 Recital









2013 Recital



2012 Recital


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