One of many questions we get at our music school is about musical styles. Before the first lesson or after many classes, we get asked about learning particular styles of music. It is OK to ask at the beginning but, in all honesty, no matter what the eventual style of music to be studied in the future, the lessons will always concentrate on the basis of musicianship (Reading, Rhythm, Technique and Theory).

When you are ready you can use your weekly music class to start working on an area of study.

When we come to identifying different kinds of music it can get a little complicated with many kinds of rock, country and overlap as to what is jazz and what are show tunes

Typically the Styles that are requested are







Show Tunes

Please note these articles are meant to show you what we use to play and sing these styles of music not what you need to know to take lessons.


We will teach you how to play and sing these types of music when you are ready!

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