Here at the River Heights School of Music we are committed to music education. Below are links to free downloadable and/or printable resources. Some of these resources will aid you on their own but all will benefit you with the aid of a music teacher.

First off for Everyone.

Rhythm Exercises perfect for drummers working on alternating, reading, eighth notes and ties, guitarists working on down up strumming, pianists looking for comping patterns or anyone working on rhythm reading/clapping.

Free Printable Staff Paper

Jazz Blues Changes in Bb These are 'jazz' Changes in Bb as that is a great concert key for horns as well as guitar, bass and piano.

For Guitar

The Most Common Guitar Chords  Commonly called 'open chords' because they contain open string(s) but included are chords that are in the 1st position but may not have any open strings in them.

Barre Chords Based off of the 6th String  Unless your steel string  acoustic guitar is set up for it We recommend you only try these with an electric or nylon string guitar.

Barre Chords Based off of the 5th String same as above. Acoustic guitars tend to have a 'wedge' like action so playing a full barre above the 4th fret can prove quite difficult.

Penta-Tonic and Blues Scale Modes or 'Boxes' a more complete and complex look at using the 5 note penta-tonic and 6 note blues scales in multiple positions.

Basic "Jazz Chords"  Not strictly for jazz but a pretty common use for these 'drop 3' voicings.

Modern Mode Shapes Modes have been around for a long time. There are many manifestations of how to play them on the guitar. If you are a pick player then these modern shapes remove the need to play a different picking pattern for each position.

Some Work Sheets.

Music Staff paper with Tab

Chord Grids with Staff.

Guitar Grids For Chord Writing

Length Wise Guitar Necks 

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