Drum Practice

All musical instruments require music lessons and regular practice to maintain ability and to improve. But there are a few instruments that require special preparation to do and one of those instruments is the drum set.

Drums are loud so you just canít go to your room or basement and play away if others are home. You canít play with the windows open on a hot day and you canít play late at night. Drums also take up a lot of room and Ďsome peopleí think they donít look nice. There are some solutions and alternatives.

  1. The practice pad. Since forever we drummers have practiced our stick work on rubber pads that can be placed on drums, table tops, thighs or even stand alone. One can also use telephone books, pillows, the carpeted floor, etc. There is a school of thought that non bouncy surfaces like these will improve our technique once we are on a real drum. But what about our feet, you know the other Ĺ of our drum set limbs? Well they do make practice pads drum set style!
  2. Electronic drums. These can be a nice alternative to acoustic drums as the volume can be controlled. There are 2 major downsides. One, you have to spend some real money to get a set that comes even close to the feel or a real set and two the weak point is always the action of the hi-hats on all but the premium electronic sets.
  3. Pads for drum sets. These drum mufflers work great for all drums and cymbals except the bass drum where it hardly dampens the drum and changes where the beater strikes leading to foot confusion
  4. muffle and feather heads. These are woven, near silent, heads you can put on most sized drums sets but not good if you wan to use your drums fro real situations

Personally we feel the best option is to have a real drum set tuned and set up to sound its most pleasant† and a high grade practice pad to do all your stick work, and rudiments on.


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