Country Music is sometimes called the Ďother blues musicí and why not? It uses much of the same chord structures and scale choices.
The main differences are country music isnít relegated to 1 basic song structure like the blues and the chord types arenít just the dominant 7 chord. We also donít use the blues scale but we do use the penta-tonic scales but in their major configuration as well as the hexa-tonic scales and a little of the major scale.

Like all our other musical styles there are always sub genres of country music.

  • Country Western
  • Blue Grass
  • Country Rock
  • New Country
  • Western Swing

Country music tends to have more melodic content than rock or blues as well as more interesting diatonic chord structures. What tends to separate country music is the lyrical content. Country music will always be known for telling a story denoting its folk music origins.

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