So what is the best day of the week to take music lessons?

Well that would depend on your schedule so let's look at various days of the week and examine their attributes.

  • Mondays: Isn't nice to start the week off with a music lesson? Then you have all week to practice your materials!. Sounds good but if you tend to have busy weekends then it might be 2-3 days (Fri-Sun) without any practicing.If you are a beginner it might also be a bad fit with so many holiday Mondays.
  • Tuesdays: This day has none of the holiday problems while still being early in the week.  with at least one day to practice before your lesson.
  • Wednesday and Thursday: We lump these together because being middle of the week you have weekdays to practice on either side of them and they are rarely subject to holidays.
  • Fridays: Friday is a great day for lessons! For one thing it is not very popular so you could probably get the time slot of your choice and you have 4-5 days of music practice to be that more prepared. 
  • Saturdays: Saturdays used to be the go to day for music lessons but much has changed. It is a great day to have your lessons as you have a greater variety of times and no other commitments. Not a day I recommend to people with cottages. While in fall and winter it might not seem that big a deal but once spring comes...

So if you are around on the weekends and can practice Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays seem the right choice. If your weekends are packed and not condusive to lessons or practicing then maybe Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are better choices.

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