Five Benefits of Music Lessons for Adults



Music lessons are a great way to find meaningful and fun hobbies for the whole family. The River Heights School of Music offers lessons for children and adults, ranging from beginner to advanced. If you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument, or looking to further your knowledge, now is a great time to try. Here are a few reasons why taking music classes as an adult can be extremely beneficial:



1)      Increases Brain Development



Music instruction can help develop ‘brain plasticity’. ‘Brain Plasticity’ is the term used to explain the capability of the brain to adapt to change. Music lessons provide new learning strategies that allow the student to develop previously unused parts of the brain.



2)      Adults are Goal-Oriented



Adults are more focused and more goal-oriented than children.  Adults are self-driven.  Adults are learning because they want to, and this strong desire to learn an instrument is a great motivator for lessons and practice.



3)      As an Adult, You Can Understand the “Why”



As an adult, it is easier to understand why exercises such as scales are necessary. Most adult students are more committed to practicing these exercises because they understand the importance. Also, adult students are more able to grasp the subtle meanings of the music.

4)      Playing an Instrument Relieves Stress Adult Guitar Player



A groundbreaking study in the February 2005 Issue of the Medical Science Monitor showed that playing a musical instrument can reverse “multiple components of the human stress response.” The study stated that this is the same effect that meditation has. 



5)      Music Can Improve Your Quality of Life



Music is a great way to bring people together. Whether you are getting a group of people together to “jam” or providing music for your family to sing to, musical ability is always appreciated. Recent studies have shown that adults who play instruments, especially adults over 65, have been shown to have lower instances of depression and anxiety and improved overall health. There are also some studies that suggest playing an instrument can reduce the risk of Alzheimer ’s disease.

Adult playing  bass


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